I studied mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech. I currently work in the Karpova Lab at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus where I build hardware and develop software to support the lab’s neuroscience experiments. I like building stuff.

Source code and design files for a lot of my projects can be found on GitHub.

You can contact me at

This Website


In addition to being a portfolio of sorts, my hope is that this website serves as a useful resource for others. I have learned an immense amount from generous strangers on the internet who share their work. Therefore I’m a big fan of open source software and hardware. When it comes to software, playing around with, breaking, and remixing other people’s work can be a very effective means for learning. For hardware, having access to bills of materials and CAD designs helps tremendously with gaining a better understanding of how a device works. I will do my best to pay it forward by providing links to components I’ve used, relevant tutorials/articles that I’ve read, and any original code and design files that I’ve created.


This website is built using Hugo and hosted on the internet using Netlify.