I have a friend that enjoys biking, climbing, surfing, and hiking. She also likes ferrets. Therefore I did what any good friend would do and gifted her an unsolicited piece of sport-ferret themed furniture.


I first designed a shelf/cubby/coat rack using Fusion 360. It has 4 cabinets with doors that are hinged on the top, a shelf on top, and coat hooks on the bottom. All of the pieces were designed to be press-fit and glued together with mortise and tenon joints. I commissioned an artist on fiverr to create the ferret cartoon drawings.

CAD design


I cut the peices out of 1/2" birch plywood using a handheld CNC router and used a laser cutter to etch the ferrets onto the cubby doors. Everything was press fit and held together with wood glue. I sprayed on a clear finish.

pieces routed from 1/2'' birch plywood

cartoons etched onto wood with a laser cutter

ready for assembly

gluing up

back panel added

final assembly with doors attached and hooks added

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